Jack Welch once said: “If you don’t have a competitive advantage – don’t compete.” In the United States that’s generally good advice for organizers thinking about hosting an event on the same weekend as one of Sam Sodano’s competitions. The only American mogul who is also a master of the mambo, Sam is widely regarded as the most successful competition organizer in the world. The Don of DanceSport, Sam is an incredibly busy man judging over 30 weeks around the country, yet somehow he is always has time for a quick chat or a momentary pop into the ballroom on his off time to watch a Bronze Level student compete and provide helpful advice. His success comes from following a simple formula: rise early, work hard and strike oil. As his reputation for being a pragmatic, savvy, well-loved businessman has grown so has his brand Sam Sodano owns 7 of the most attended competitions in the US including the ubiquitous, nationally televised Ohio Star Ball. Generating north of 65,000 entries per year. Sam’s other competitions include: