The Dancesport Experience

The DanceSport Experience

Prepare for an extraordinary week of unparalleled DanceSport instruction, opulent opening festivities, and riveting world-class competitive events! The NV Ball DanceSport experience will be an unforgettable one for all attendees!
  • The Competitive Experience
    The organizers of The NV Ball are thrilled to welcome dancers from Asia, Europe and North America to Las Vegas for what is destined to be one of the greatest competitions in the world. An international scene of top competitors at every level, attendees and competitors have the unique opportunity of watching and competing against one of the richest fields in DanceSport. In one of the greatest cities at the center of the ProAm world, The NV Ball is committed to making Las Vegas home to the best DanceSport competition for ProAm, Amateur and Professional competitors.
  • The Grand Ballroom
    Every competitor, from the syllabus amateur to world class professionals, wants to compete on a floor that inspires him or her to deliver the greatest performance of their life. At The NV Ball, we architected a floor and an atmosphere with the competitor on mind. The dance floor, radiantly lit and framed by a grand stage, encompassed by a vibrant cheering audience with the best music in DanceSport pumping through a state of the art sound system, the scene at The NV Ball will be electrifying. An extravagant setting with over 20,000 square feet (6,100 sq. meters) of space, the Grand Ballroom at the prestigious Encore Resort & Casino will host all categories of competitive events. For those seeking and enhanced viewing experience, The NV Ball features various prime spectating opportunities including VIP, and Preferred seating options. Enjoy DanceSport in an ambiance of grandeur, theatrics, and showmanship.
  • The Awards
    The competition is on with over $100,000 awarded in cash prizes! The NV Ball is excited to raise the stakes with handsome awards for Amateur, ProAm, and Professional events as well as ProAm teachers and students. In addition to the competitive awards, The NV Ball will be offering an amazing top prize: all-inclusive package to next year’s NV Ball valued up to $7,500. One lucky top ProAm student has the chance to win it all.

    Click here to view detailed breakdown of the 2014 NVB Awards & Prizes.
  • The Officials
    The organizers of The NV Ball strongly believe in the development and growth of the DanceSport industry in America and who better to officiate one of the most exciting events on the US competitive scene that the people who helped shape and build it. Deeply rooted in US competitive tradition, The NV Ball is honored to host the North American leaders and pioneers of the industry as its acclaimed panel of Adjudicators and Officials.
  • The Casino Royale Gala
    The Casino Royale Opening Gala is an exclusive red-carpet event celebrating the opening of The 2014 NV Ball. Melding the swagger of classic Vegas with modern luxury, The Casino Royale Gala features a sumptuous dinner by award-winning Chef James Benson, live music, dancing and an unforgettable evening of performances featuring a Duel of Giants where your DanceSport idols will compete for best showmanship across styles. 9-Time World Professional Latin Champions Bryan Watson & Carmen will dance against fellow NV Ball organizer and World Champion Andrew Sinkinson and his former partner Charlotte Jorgensen for the audiences’ favor and title of ’The Best’.
  • The NVB Dance Camp
    There is no greater inspiration before heading out on the competitive dance floor than coaching and advice from the World Champions you aspire to be. At The NVB Dance Camp, dancers of all levels have the opportunity to participate in master classes from industry legends Bryan Watson & Carmen, Hans Galke, Andrew Sinkinson and others. For two intense days leading up to The NV Ball, attendees will have access to some of the brightest stars in DanceSport. With group classes, available private instruction, and plenty of off-dance floor advice and tips, The NVB Dance Camp is the perfect start to a week of incredible competition.