It is our great passion and goal to reignite what people have come to know as the standard dance competition with a new energy and spirit of hospitality and excitement.
The Rat Pack
The Rat Pack

NVBall Lotus

The NV Ball looks to set a new bar in dancesport events with the focus on providing the highest quality service and creating an exhilarating and captivating atmosphere for all dancers and spectators.

The vision and goal for The NV Ball is for all attendees to leave the event with a renewed outlook on dancesport competitions, having had the utmost enjoyable experience.

This mission to rejuvenate and evolve the dancesport competition is mirrored in The NV Ball logo. A messenger of reinvention, resurrection and prosperity, the lotus flower is held in high regard in many cultures. Resilient, yet elegant and bold, the lotus has come to symbolize a reincarnation of the old and the birth of the new.

Just as the five petals of the lotus flower that represent each organizer spring from the muddy waters, so will the five organizers of The NV Ball refresh the competitive circuit with a new and innovative vision for a service-oriented, electrifying, high-energy dancesport event.