Le Reve

Ethereal, mysterious and romantic Le Reve follows the adventures of the dreamer in a world of magic, fantasy and breathtaking beauty. Le Reve’s death-defying acrobatics, the performers incomparable athleticism, and unbelievable artistic vision has won this Cirque Du Soleil performance the title of “Best Show in Las Vegas” A mesmerizing experience for all audiences set in the intimate Aqua Theatre Le Reve is a can’t miss Las Vegas show.

Lake of Dreams

Calm and serene at first glance, the Wynn’s Lake of Dreams comes to life 8 times a day with a spectacular show featuring a dramatic 40-foot waterfall, dancing light reflections and a magical atmosphere set amidst the gorgeous pine-topped mountain landscape. With many restaurants offering outdoor seating looking out onto the Lake, and many other vantage points, the Lake of Dreams show is the perfect quick escape into a world of creativity.